Sorting Coffee At Rayyan Coffee Mill Yemen

Our Story

The Rayyan Mill is an idea brought about by three friends searching for premium Yemeni coffee. We found coffees with amazing aromas and flavors and farmers that were friendly and hospitable. Unfortunately, due to inconsistency in sourcing and processing, we also found that the same bag of Yemeni coffee that gave amazing aromas and flavors could also give unpleasant odors and flavors in the very next cup!

In the winter of 2011/2012 we established our own mill in the capital of Sana’a and began sourcing coffee from the best places we could find in the Bani Isma’el district. We have now expanded our offerings to include many other coffee growing regions in Yemen and we are excited about the future of premium Yemeni coffee.

A Modern Mill

The Rayyan Mill is unique in many ways.  We have built our mill with modern technology so that we can process coffee to a high standard. In order to maintain the rich and complex flavor of Yemeni coffee, our machines are used exclusively for coffee. We also work to ensure that the coffee cherries we source are current crop and of the highest quality. We spend a lot of time sample roasting and cupping coffee so that we can be very confident in the product we are bringing to market.

We offer a range of coffees from many different regions of Yemen. Each year we offer unique community-specific coffees that are traceable all the way to the communities of farmers that having been growing them for centuries. These are coffees from farmers with which we have built relationships and each coffee is as unique as the community that grows it. Each year we also offer Zamarrud Al-Yemen (The Emeralds of Yemen). Zamarrud is composed of the best tasting coffees from several growing regions in Yemen and offers what most are looking for in a traditional Yemeni coffee. Distinct fruit and spice notes.

We take pride in our flexibility and the breadth of quality coffee we are able to offer. We love to work with customers and explore Yemen in search of exactly what they are looking for. The high standard of milling and sorting just adds to that experience.

It Takes a Village...

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We have certainly felt that as we have pursued great coffee in Yemen. Venturing out and starting a company from the ground up is difficult to say the least and this one has been no different. The Arab Spring in Yemen created some unique challenges in the beginning and made for some interesting stories. However, the task has been extremely rewarding.

We have been honored over the past few years by the access we have been granted in Sana’a and the surrounding areas. We would not be bringing coffee to market were it not for assistance from many government workers, our faithful employees, local small businesses and farmers in the mountain villages. We have experienced the full breadth of Yemen's hospitality and consider it a great blessing.